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"You gave me the guidance to know I'm on the right track." 3/10/18

"All the things you taught us were so helpful...definitely helpful to know what to look for." 2/12/18

"Linda, you helped me so much I had peace knowing you were there. I'll call again if I feel scared."  12/23/17

"Thank you, Linda, you've been unbelievably helpful and kind!"   8/29/2017 
    " have taught us how rigorous our advocacy needs to be."   1/20/2016

       "Linda, you are a fierce advocate for heart centered care...timely and supportive, validating...
you gave me the courage to act...language to explain ..."   3/30/2015


        "We all would like to thank you for your help over the past year! It has proven to be priceless!"                     1/18/2015

        "This is the first conversation where someone actually listened and knows the whole process.  
No one would give us the straight story."    1/14/2015

         "The important thing is you forced us all to get together ...we're on this journey together and we can do it!"   12/14/2014


     "I never felt alone as a caregiver once I met you! Thank you for always being there for me, you     were a phone call away and always checked on Dad and I. God bless you for pouring your life into
 your job."    9/13/2014   

              "Linda, I can't express how helpful you were to us as we scrambled with the abrupt need to move             Mom. Your recommendations were so appreciated and your availability to guide us in our crisis                 mode was invaluable both to the outcome and to our peace of mind in uncharted territory."                        7/23/2014 

        "Thanks so much for your honesty.  It is much appreciated, along with your professional eye and                    knowledge...Truly, I thank you and do appreciate your unvarnished opinion."   6/10/2014


        "I'm impressed! For an 'informal home consult' I had not expected such a find summary and action plan...You have made our situation much clearer."   5/31/2014 


          "Thanks for being there when I'm out of town...You really do feel like family."   1/13/2014


        "Thank you for your sage advice and care-leads in our time of crisis.  You were very helpful, and   above all, understanding and unfailingly reliable."   11/21/2013


        "Thank you for meeting with us. You were very helpful and we learned some important points about the appropriate care of my father."     9/18/2011

"I am very impressed with your style and how protective you are of your clients! That means a lot to me."     7/10/2011

"I really appreciated your way of assisting me the other day with the exit plan - you were on target and I used the majority of your suggestions when I went head to head and toe to toe with... I cannot express to you enough, that you are so lucky to have found your calling in this profession. You are a blessing."     6/30/2011

"Linda was a great help to me with finding care for my Mom. I do not think I could have gone through it without her."     6/28/2011

"I wanted to say thank you again for assisting my dad and our family through the recent transition. He loves it at ---- and his social life is better... I would be happy to give an excellent reference if you need one for a client."     4/1/2011

"You have given me the best information possible... You are the most professional person I've talked to."     11/29/2010

"Linda Wurth has been a great asset to the care and supervision we give our residents who have been her clients. As a care manager, Linda is very attentive to her clients and interfaces well with family members, our administration, and staff.  Linda never seems rushed, and reportedly makes each visit with her client personal and productive."     5/26/2010

"Linda has always provided excellent care management for our clients in need of that extra hand. She is always reachable and attentive to her client's needs as well as that of her client's family. I would not hesitate to recommend her."     5/20/2010

"We can't thank you enough for all your help over the past 10 days... Again, our appreciation for your calm, efficient, informative guidance through all of this."     5/4/2010

"You are such a strong advocate for the elderly. Thank you so much for your help in this (fairly stressful--as you well know!) process."     4/4/2010

"Thank you for the valuable information, Linda... you were key in locating such a comfortable place.  By the way, if ever you need a reference, please have any and all potential clients call me."     1/17/2008

"I really appreciated your assistance in learning how to just think it through."     10/1/2007

"We really do appreciate all that you have done to help us get our parents situated. Your knowledge, experience, and your contacts have relieved (my sister and) me of so much stress and hassle. You provide a hugely valuable service. Thank you."     9/17/2007

"Linda's excellent attention, passion and compassion to assessing a situation is a gift few care professional have shown. Linda is a quick, high quality and dedicated professional who gave me much needed clarity at a time of complex decision making. Her true interest to make a difference in solving a dilemma and assist in crafting an initial care strategy was outstanding. I would highly recommend her to any individual or family in need of clear, honest and concise health care consulting."     3/13/2007

We are a fee-for-service client advisory and advocacy firm. 

     We do NOT accept placement or referral fees from any service provider.


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